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We always take the concept of sustainable development into account in our work and our decisions. We are certified by the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation’s “Green key” environmental management system. This is a good way for us to provide a framework for our work with the environment in order to make it measureable and to keep it relevant.

Examples of what we’ve achieved:
  • We have stopped using paper towels in the toilets and have fitted environmentally friendly electrical hand driers instead (which also provide a heating effect a greater part of the year).
  • We have switched to environmentally friendly cleaning fluids and laundry detergent.
  • We have replaced nearly all of our showers and water taps with low-flow models.
  • We have negotiated with our suppliers and purchase environmentally sound goods and services whenever possible.
  • We purchase eco-labelled electricity (wind power from Telge Energi).
  • Our 44 newest rooms are fitted with central circuit breakers that are controlled by the rooms’ key-card. When no one is in the room, the electricity is switched off. This means that the TV and lighting are also switched off when they’re not being used.
  • We use low-energy light bulbs wherever possible.
  • We recycle worn-out sheets and towels and use them as cleaning cloths.
  • We offer an eco-marked breakfast buffet.
  • We have motion detectors in all of the toilets and cleaning rooms so that the lights won’t be left on.
  • The corridors use an energy conservation mode during the night.

Measures currently underway:
  • We are testing LEDs to see if they provide sufficient light. We hope to be able to replace all of the lighting in the corridors with 1–3-watt diodes. In February 2011 have we changed in the corridors with good results, we are now continuing the work in the guest rooms and dining rooms.
  • Converting worn-out sheets and towels to cleaning cloths to a greater extent
  • Training our staff in ecological cleaning techniques
  • A wider range of eco-marked products for our breakfast buffet
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