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Answers to the most frequently asked questions…

General information


  • What information do you need to provide to make a reservation?
    Name, address, telephone number, dates for check-in and check-out, the number of guests and the type of accommodation desired.

  • Is it possible to rent a single room?
    This is possible for most of the year. However, during our high season, we only have a few single rooms (without windows) available. The high season is generally considered to be the period from the beginning of May until mid-September.

  • Can I cancel a reservation?
    Yes, you can cancel at no charge up to 6 p.m. of the day prior to arrival. You will be charged for one night for cancellations made after that time. There are special cancellation rules for groups.

  • How can I make an online reservation?
    Select the arrival and departure dates and the type of room desired. You can also order extra services such as breakfast. Fill in the information about yourself as the person making the reservation. Full payment must be submitted at the time the reservation is made. You will receive email confirmation of your reservation.


  • Do I have to pay in advance?
    If you make an online reservation, payment must be submitted at that time. If you make a reservation by email or phone, payment is made on arrival. Group reservations will be invoiced in advance.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    All major bank and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) are accepted, with the exception of American Express. We also accept cash payment in SEK, Euro, GBP, NOK, DKK and USD. We only accept bank notes when payment is made in foreign currency.


    • What types of rooms do you have?
      Single rooms
      2-bed rooms
      3-, 4-, 5- and 6-bed rooms
      One 12-bed dormitory (women)
      One 16-bed dormitory (men)
      Studio flats for up to 6 people
      Hotel rooms for 1-2 people

    • What types of beds do you have?
      The multi-bed rooms have bunk beds. In several of the larger rooms (5- to 6-bed rooms), the lower bunk is wide enough for two people and there is a sofa bed for two people. It is physically possible for seven people to stay in a room of this type but that would make it quite crowded. There are 2-bed rooms that have bunk beds or single beds on the floor. All of our hotel rooms have beds on the floor with spring mattresses.

    • Where can I park my car?
      We have a few parking spaces in a parking garage. You have access to this parking from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival until 11 a.m. on the day of departure. It is advisable to book parking in advance since the number of spaces is limited. There is also parking on the street but this can be hard to find and is quite expensive.

    • Do you have a luggage storage room?
      Yes. You should preferably bring a padlock with you. You can use it in most of the guest rooms and in the storage room.

    • Are there kitchens?
      Yes, we have three fully equipped kitchen that can be used by our guests.

    • What conveniences are there in the rooms?
      Each room has a clock radio, a hair drier and a TV.


  • Are there TVs in the rooms?
    All of the rooms have a TV offering channels 1–9, MTV, TV4+ and TV4 sport.

  • Do the rooms have their own bathrooms?
    The studio flats have their own toilets and showers. From April 2013 we also have 10 rooms at the hostel with toilet and shower. In all the other rooms you find it outside in the corridor.

How far is it to:

  • a) The city centre/Railway station/Nils Ericsson terminal
  • b) Avenyn (the main street in the city centre)
  • c) Liseberg (amusement park)/Svenska mässan (exhibition centre)/Scandinavium (indoor arena)
  • d) Ullevi (football stadium)

  • a) 3 kilometres or 10 to 12 minutes by tram
  • b) 2,8 kilometres
  • c) 3,5 kilometres or 10 minutes by tram
  • d) 4 kilometres or 13 minutes by tram

General information:

  • When are you open?
    All year round. The reception area is essentially open 24/7 but is closed for breakfast between 6-7 a.m. on weekdays and 7-8 a.m. on weekends. From middle of October until middle of March the receptionen closes at 1am.

  • What are the check-in and check-out times?
    Check-in is between 2-6 p.m., check-out is by 11 a.m.

  • Is it possible to check-in after 6 p.m.?
    This is no problem since the reception desk is staffed during the evening and night. However, you must inform us of late arrival and this can only be done on your arrival day. Another alternative is to guarantee your reservation with a credit card. If you have made your reservation online, everything is paid in advance and your reservation is guaranteed.

  • Is there a time by which a guest has to be back in the hostel?
    No. Guests are given keys when they check-in that open the front door round the clock so they can come and go as they please. The reception desk is also staffed all night.

  • When is breakfast served?
    Between 7-10 on weekdays and 8-11 on weekends and public holidays.


  • Is gluten/lactose-free breakfast food available?
    Of course. Just let us know when you check-in.

  • Can I sleep in a sleeping bag?
    Unfortunately not. Sheets can be rented from us for SEK 65 if you don’t have your own with you.

  • Are pets allowed?
    Unfortunately not. No fur-bearing animals are allowed because of allergies.

  • Is smoking permitted?
    Absolutely not under any circumstances. Smokers are kindly requested to go outdoors to smoke.

  • Is drinking alcohol permitted?
    Partying is not allowed in the hostel and it should be quiet after 10 p.m.
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